Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd

About Us

Since its establishment in 2003 ,Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd has continued to develop creative technology to meet constantly changing and diversifying market needs ,our major products are precision and miniatureInductor coil,bobbin inductor coil ,R-core indutor coil ,Antenna inductor coil ,RFID inductor coil ,Access Control Products, also we provide IPO services .we aim at the procurement policy of no use conflict mineral: “ 0 ”procurement conflict with material. Year 2003 Establish Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd – IPO Office Duangguan Year 2004 Establish Manufacturing Facility in Huangjiang Town , Dongguan City.(2000 SQM) Year 2006 Move to New Manufacturing Facility in Dongguan –Qishi Town(4100 SQM) Major Products: Miniature Voice Coil , Bobbin Coil , Hearing Aid Coil ,Sensor Coil Year 2006 ISO9001:2000 certification approval Year 2008 Expand New Manufacturing Facility in Pingxiang –Jiangxi Province .(1800 SQM) Year 2009 Started Hard Disc Coil -inductor coil and bought high precision winding machine –JAPAN . Year 2010 Expand to Second Manufacturing Facility in Pingxiang –Jiangxi Provice (2500 SQM) Year 2010 Purchase Land from Local Government and built 6 storey office cum Manufacturing Facility (8000 SQM) and alsowillbuilt cleanin
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