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 Product Description

Item Hard Disk Driver Coil
Material enamelled wire, copper diameter: 0.02-0.8 mm passed UL and Rhos.                                                                                                            bobbins:polycarbonate,nylon,ABS,polypropylene,UPVC,phenolicresin,glass,ceramic available
Product spec. (2mm * 10mm )as per customer's request or drawing
Product shape square,oval,irregular,air,round etc.(Golden eagle as a professional manufacture of irregular inductor coil, we can make coils as per customer's request or drawing.)
Shipping type express,air transport,bus transport,sea transport
Place of origin Pingxiang, Jiangxi / Dongguan,Guangdong China
Price 0.2-1.0 USD high quality, most competitive price (EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. acceptable)
Packing 1000pcs inductor coil per plastic tray / carton box
Application Computer hard disk,Computer hard drive, Hard Disk

Production Process

Working Principle

Inductor coil is about a specific type of transformer. For the more general electrical component, see Inductor.An induction coil or "spark coil" (archaically known as an inductorium or Ruhmkorff coil after Heinrich Ruhmkorff) is a type of electrical transformer used to produce high-voltage pulses from a low-voltage direct current (DC) supply. To create the flux changes necessary to induce voltage in the secondary, the direct current in the primary is repeatedly interrupted by a vibrating mechanical contact called an interrupter. Developed beginning in 1836 by Nicholas Callan and others, the induction coil was the first type of transformer. They were widely used in x-ray machines, spark-gap radio transmitters, arc lighting and quack medical electrotherapy devices from the 1880s to the 1920s. Today their only use is as the ignition coils in internal combustion engines, and in physics education to demonstrate induction.

❷ The term 'induction coil' is also used for a coil carrying high-frequency alternating current (AC), producing eddy currents to heat objects placed in the interior of the coil, in induction heating or zone melting equipment.

❸ An induction coil consists of two coils of insulated copper wire wound around a common iron core. One coil, called the primary winding, is made from relatively few (tens or hundreds) turns of coarse wire. The other coil, the secondary winding, typically consists of many (thousands) turns of fine wire.
An electric current is passed through the primary, creating a magnetic field. Because of the common core, most of the primary's magnetic field couples with the secondary winding. The primary behaves as an inductor, storing energy in the associated magnetic field. When the primary current is suddenly interrupted, the magnetic field rapidly collapses. This causes a high voltage pulse to be developed across the secondary terminals through electromagnetic induction. Because of the large number of turns in the secondary coil, the secondary voltage pulse is typically many thousands of volts. This voltage is often sufficient to cause an electric spark, to jump across an air gap separating the secondary's output terminals. For this reason, induction coils were called spark coils.The size of induction coils was usually specified by the length of spark it could produce; a '4 inch' (10 cm) induction coil was one that could produce a 4 inch arc.

❹ To operate the coil continuously, the DC supply current must be broken repeatedly to create the magnetic field changes needed for induction. Induction coils use a magnetically activated vibrating arm called an interrupter or break to rapidly connect and break the current flowing into the primary coil. The interrupter is mounted on the end of the coil next to the iron core. When the power is turned on, the magnetic field of the core created by the current flowing in the primary attracts the interrupter's iron armature attached to the springy arm, opening a pair of contacts in the primary circuit. When the magnetic field then collapses, the arm springs away, closing the contacts again and turning on the current again. This cycle is repeated many times per second.Opposite potentials are induced in the secondary when the interrupter 'breaks' the circuit and 'closes' the circuit. However, the current change in the primary is much more abrupt when the interrupter 'breaks'. When the contacts close, the current builds up slowly in the primary because the supply voltage has a limited ability to force current through the coil's inductance. In contrast, when the interrupter contacts open, the current falls to zero suddenly. So the pulse of voltage induced in the secondary at 'break' is much larger than the pulse induced at 'close', it is the 'break' that generates the coil's high voltage output. A "snubber" capacitor of 0.5 to 15 μF is used across the contacts to quench the arc on the 'break', which causes much faster switching and higher voltages. So the open circuit output waveform of an induction coil is a series of alternating positive and negative pulses, but with one polarity much larger than the other.


We produce inductor coil with the most advanced full automatic winding machine
U) .


Our Technology

◇ We provide free design proposal to customers.

◇ We have the most advanced production equipment, technology and professional technical engineerings with many years experience in inductor coil production.They can give a professional suggestion for cost saving and create a maximum mutual benefit.

◇ We can meet customers' request by one stop (from windling,injection moulding and assembling).

◇ We can produce high precison plastic parts from 0.1G-900G.

Company & Factory

Since its establishment in 2003, Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd has continued to develop creative technology to meet constantly changing and diversifying market needs, our major products, are precision and miniature self-bonding air coil, bobbin coil, R-Core coil, Antenna Coil, RFID coil, Access Control Products, also we provide IPO service.

We have ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2006.

We bought high precision winding machine-JAPAN in 2009 .



Our Advantage

  • Wet Winding Technology
  • Self-Bonding Technology
  • Precision & Miniature Coil
  • Assembly-Solution-Integration
  • Provide IPO Service
  • Over-mould & Plastic Injection Technology
  • 5A Quality Assurance

Purchase Notice

Supply Of Goods
This product is directly produced and sold in Pingxiang factory.Dongguan has one factory while there are three factories in Pingxiang.There is no standard specification for inductance coils.So before purchasing, you should contact the customer service to know whether there are samples, to
know related costs of samples and fixtures.

About Size
Inside and outside tolerance: ±1%
The size of coils is based on drawings.
Ferrite deviation: 6%-8%

About Color

The color of coil is decided according to different raw material of suppliers.In general it is  primary color.But if you need other colors, please communicate with our customer service staff in advance.
About Customer Service

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About Aftersales
If you find that there is damage of goods after receipt, please tell our customer service immediately.We will give you a satisfactory answer in 24 hours.
About Delivery
We deliver goods as per customers' address.If you require a special packing, please tell our customer service in advance.We use default express in principle.If you require a different express, please tell us in advance.

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