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Detail Description of Products
Item trigger coil   
Application strobe products,xenon flashtubes,strobe lights,strobe lamps.etc.
Material enameled wire ,copper diameter:0.02-0.8 mm passed UL and RHOS
polycarbonate,nylon,ABS,polypropylene,UPVC,phenolic resin,glass available
Product Shape square,oval,irregular,air,round etc.(customer design) 
Price 0.2~ 1.0 USD high quality,most competitive price (EXW,FOB,CIF,etc.acceptable)
Packing 1000pcs inductor coil per plastic tray / carton box
Shipping Style express(FedEx,TNT,UPS,DHL,EMS.etc),air transport,bus transport,sea transport
Product Spec. (2mm * 10mm )as per customer's request or drawing
MOQ We offer five star service to customers whether your order quantiy is big or small.
Place of Origin Pingxiang,jiangxi/Dongguan,Guangdong China
Certification ISO9001:2008 with ROHS



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Induction coil working principle:   

A flashtube, also called a flashlamp, is an electric arc lamp designed to produce extremely intense, incoherent, full-spectrum white light for very short durations. Flashtubes are made of a length of glass tubing with electrodes at either end and are filled with a gas that, when triggered, ionizes and conducts a high voltage pulse to produce the light. Flashtubes are used mostly for photographic purposes but are also employed in scientific, medical and industrial applications. Series triggering is more common in high powered, water-cooled flashtubes, such as those found in lasers. The trigger transformer of the high voltage lead is connected to the flash tube in series (one electrode and another to the capacitor). The triggering pulse is generated in the lamp, without the triggering voltage outside the lamp. The advantages are better insulation, more reliable triggering, and an arc that tends to develop well away from the glass, but had much higher cost. The series triggering transformer also acts as an inductor.This helps to control the flash duration, but prevents the circuit from being used in very fast discharge applications. The triggering can generally take place with a lower voltage at the capacitor than is required for external triggering. However, the trigger-transformer becomes part of the flash circuit, and couple the triggering circuit to the flash energy. Therefore, because the trigger-transformer has very low impedance, the transformer, triggering circuit, and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) must be able to handle very high peak currents, often in excess of 1500 amps.

 Purchase Notice

1.Supply of goods
This product is directly produced and sold in Pingxiang factory. Dongguan has one factory while there are three factories in Pingxiang. There is no standard specification for inductance coils.So before purchasing ,you should contact the customer service to know whether there are samples, to know related costs of samples and fixtures.
2、About size
Inside and outside tolerance: ±1%
The size of coils is based on drawings.
Ferrite deviation: 6%-8%
3、About color
The color of coil is decided according to different raw material of suppliers. In general it is  primary color.But if you need other colors, please communicate with our customer service staff in advance.
4、About customer service
Miss. Yuan    Telephone: 0799-6665236   Mobile: 18979918039
QQ: 2511589135          Email:
5、About after sales
If you find that there is damage of goods after receipt, please tell our customer service immediately. We will give you a satisfactory answer in 24 hours.
6、About delivery
We deliver goods as per customers' address. If you require a special packing, please tell our customer service in advance. We use default express in principle. If you require a different express, please tell us in advance.

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