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 Your Location :  Home > NewsCommon inductor coil

1, the single-layer coil

Single use insulation wire coil is a circle round to around the carton or bakelite skeleton. Such as medium wave antenna coil transistor radio.

2, the hive type coils

If the system of coil, the rotation and not its plane surface parallel, but intersect into certain Angle, the coil called hive type coils. And the rotating one week, the number of bend wire back and forth, often called the fold points. Hive type the advantages of the method is small, distributed capacitance and inductance small amount is large. Hive type coils are using honeycomb coiling machine for the system, fold point more more, the smaller the capacitance

3, ferrite magnetic cores

The inductance coil amount and whether the magnetic cores. In the hollow insert ferrite coil, can increase magnetic core inductance quantity and improve the quality of the coil factors.

4, copper-core coil

Copper-core coil in the application scope, use more ultrashort wave in the position of the coil copper-core turn to change this adjustment of inductance is more convenient and durable.

5, color code inductor

Color code inductor is a fixed inductance inductors, the amount of the inductance quantity signs with resistance to color as methods to mark ring.

6, choke coil

Limit the alternating current through the coil says resistance flow circle, points of high frequency and low frequency choked flow circle choked flow circle.

7, deflection coil

Deflection coil is television scanning circuit output level load, deflection coil requirements: deflection high sensitivity, uniform magnetic field, Q value high, small volume, low price.