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Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd. Of the coil, inductance coil, hollow coil, siliconised coil, skeleton coil, ignition coil, rf coil, electronic tag RFID coil and electronic components from 2007 founding of the assembly the moment has injected "quality first, customer satisfaction" brand concept. And continue to be a inductance coil, coil of benchmarking enterprise.


Since the 2007 years of dongguan as private science and technology enterprises, the introduction of the company all Japanese most advanced automatic routing equipment, f eagle electron Co., LTD, adhering to the "continuous innovation, excellence" business philosophy, and constantly improve coil assembly process, quality improvement, 1 mm the product to be of high precision coil, subtle type electronic components.


Inductance coil, coils of practical application in all electronic components, electronic components products, all the consumer electronic products, toys, monitors, mobile phones, home appliances, security products, RFID products.


The current coil, inductance coil, hollow coil, siliconised coil, skeleton coil, electronic label rf RFID coil a sea of industry market, even inductance coil, hollow coil, siliconised coil skeleton coil, electronic tags, RFID coil electronic spare parts industry base of guangdong dongguan is good and evil people mixed up, greatly small than 2000 inductance coil factory in dongguan, including the distribution of township very much a part of the coil and by purchasing parts to assembly of the enterprise, there are many simply don't production, straight-tempered bottom of shell companies cut hair, foreign also claims to be inductance coil production experts.


Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd from since its founding in 2007 in all the procedures according to the ISO9001:2000 quality management system implementation, production quality control process, from coiling fixture, hsieh, raw materials has set of wire, wire enameled wire and other electronic spare parts purchasing began, for each fixture, material should do strict inspection, the production processing link has strict quality management department of the routing process inspection check assembly, test, and packaging until as each f eagle coil of the factory must have inspection inspection and test and record.


Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd inductance coil in will use oneself in coil, inductance coil winding of industry, electronic components assembly, processing of experts experience, inductance coil, coil, electronic component assembly ChuiZhiHua specializing in the production of a manufacturer's advantage, close close to the country and the dongguan and domestic and foreign electronic company, the product quality control, after service job in the first place, make "blessing eagle coil" export DuoGe 20 national 5 years 0 return, and always maintain records have been in good quality service.


Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd 's senior management and technical personnel in the field of electronic components and inductance coil coil field have 30 years production management experience, all of the technology of high precision micro coil, inductance coil winding machine equipment imported from Japan, greatly improved the stability of the products, we have reason to believe that, "blessing" brand of eagle coil inductance coil, hollow coil, siliconised coil skeleton coil, electronic tags, RFID coil and coil electronic components as the production and assembly quality enhances unceasingly and process innovation, reduce the cost of the after-sales service, because the quality of ascension and guarantee, Golden eagle coil of inductance coil subsequent market price will be further competitive.