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Behind every successful business, there is an amount of money hiddenand human resources in support of, in addition to promotion methods itcan see the PC terminal and the mobile phone terminal, really can not see is money and people, and the "money and people" is the key to the success of the project. Don't see a few small probability event, you think you can get the PC terminal and the mobile phone terminal sales good,especially the "micro" marketing is the "big" challenge, lose, win is little.

[how to express a selling point] if the mouse your quality is very good,how can you express?

1) a mouse super good quality, long service life more than peers;

2) President Obama used is a mouse, you use? Comparing the two, finda more attractive to you?...... Yes, not superstition marketing textbooks,selling point is the presence of a thing practical another sentence.

Business people speak of a "play" the word, now have to play reallyhematemesis, play down even the life was over. Can not play,conscientiously do a good job in the big business. Electric, isn't that something, that is a lot to do also do not finish the event.

It is standing customer perspective, but in the website home page copythe wording and phrasing, not let customers see Beckoning language, orstand upon one's pantofles mentality is revealed undoubted, or be a yes-man the humble. Exchange a marketing, with the last new line ofdifferentiation, some specific problems, can only say that product andpeer we didn't what difference, what exactly is it that you do not do marketing? He did not know what to think.

To do foreign trade, in English B2B website information is very important,but we come again, but the supply of information is not postedinstructions, get rid of this problem, the foreign trade on the net will beat all harvest.