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 Your Location :  Home > NewsResistance to fuel inflation, profit from innovation!
Resistance to fuel inflation, profit from innovation!
By now are going up, but the price drop, to how to retain profits? Is the enterprise operator's great test!!!!!! Wait for the big trend change or active create profit space, is in your decision.
The opportunity to create profits, in the enterprise internal negligible, just lack of talent open innovation!!!!!!
Enterprise profit source:
* existing product improvement
* smelting equipment/die structure design
* technology archives automatic generation
* material list to be automatic generation
* production process single stand automation
* equalization production mode
* equipment service life continue
* the new production line layout/production mode
* computer system work habits artificialization eradication
* rationalization proposals, and incentive measures
With the innovation of thinking to think again, the combination of the current operation system, intelligent, human nature of execution. Open the profit space, create great benefits.
Talent is money, for people with the key is holding its!
For inductance coil processing production enterprise must grasp the good person talent as the opportunity!
F eagle has been established since 2003, continued focus on all kinds of precision and subtle type coils, hollow stick the skeleton coil, antenna coil, RFID coil production and processing and spare parts assembly, to provide high quality products and the whole heart service
Along with the development of science and technology and changeable market demand of diversification, the company constantly technology innovation, put on the professional high precision machine equipment meets various electronic industry of customer demand, create the requirement of customers valuable products