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1 and a half years foreign trade business experience sharing (with online free resources development customer success experience)
The boss said to me, the end will be leaving, before you go this time for work to do more! Answer yue, I now is arranging the customer data, you will be sent to you. He said didn't mean it, said he hoped I teach the new salesman, with their more say something about this for more than a year business experience and insights. And there was the following this piece of the foreign trade work experience. This but I am more than a year to all live, in the books of the absolute can't learn inside, other senior also will not necessarily pooled their money is granted, I am here do one brick, will I know all tell everybody, or are interested in doing foreign trade business friend must can help, you may as well a look.

First to introduce myself, I graduated from hubei wuhan a third-rate undergraduate school, English just level 4, 6 class got two times, bad 1.5 points not too lazy to take the. Big 3 big 4 start to prepare one's deceased father grind, then out of the world of warcraft run every day to play games, study also didn't test. After the graduation directly run to zhejiang to make foreign trade today. I am in zhejiang yongkang do hardware tools foreign trade business. The company is not big, is a family enterprise. Small business owners and management company size matters. He is a turtle, proficient in English and business. Small business owners brother-in-law and sister is also the company's old business, with many old customer hand, each time will attend the exhibition; The factory director is the boss a relative, except for the factory production, domestic foreign trade company order to deal with him the other also. I, as a stranger to a salesman, to survive in the middle, is difficult, so once had also give up the idea. Also this year blessed to step always there for me, then I from scratch to do now over $300000 of performance. Though not excellent performance, but I more than half of his hand customer is I developed their online, so I think I write things will make many people full of trust, also be the good thanks to step.

1. To want to make full use of the resources online for free.

Unless the strength of the company is very strong, for almost all the foreign trade exhibition company, general of small and medium-sized enterprise or the salesman should make good use of the information on the net, if the company not paying for network platform, the more need to work on the Internet. Although sometimes feel like for the sky, but I do it for more than a year the foreign trade business, most of the customers are directly or indirectly from the Internet to find, so we're going to have online resources to have faith.

(1), the industry is the first professional exhibitions home page.
As we the industry such as the eurobike TTF Europe, Germany's IFMA, and the United States such as exhibition, like these famous exhibitions are related to the home page, the home page above is all exhibitors contact, product categories, such as the important company website exhibitors information, these material all are very valuable, for foreign exhibitors sent the seller is also the biggest importer is, so these customers will focus on follow-up, especially on the website have we can produce the products of those customers is Paramount. Although we did not go to one of these professional exhibition, but then advertisers letter can with "it is my honor to know you from IFMA..." The beginning of the letter to the most advertising, so that can suddenly close and customer relationship.

(2), each big yellow pages.
Europe many enterprises have in the yellow pages of information published his own company habits, this is a bit similar domestic China telecom publication of that kind of phone book, but said here is the yellow pages online. But no company general yellow pages of E-mail information, this needs you will find yellow pages customer information to search engine related more detailed information, such as Google on input the name of this company ABC spa, maybe he can find the company website, and find contact and E-mail address of such information. Here are some recommended I think better yellow page address:
< > European yellow pages
< BHCP = 1 > Thomas European companies list
< >
< >

(3), search engine.
The use of the most is....... Google everyone well-worn, so we need some change. The first change was to use each country local search engine. In China, for example, could you use baidu search of information than in Google search material and all. For instance you use the same key words in a search engine and Italy in the Google search results sure is different, but you also need to look a bit, you use different countries in the search engine is best to key words in online first translated into the corresponding the language of that country, such as the key words pump translated into pompa (Italian) in " > the Italian inside the search engine to search, so that the information will be more. But someone may ask, that I only read English and other languages and I can't understand. In fact, for many times, you don't need to read so much, you look for several have experience, for example, find a German enterprise web site. This time you needn't hurry, according to need to general you direct point product or contact (of course German not so spelling) the two directory and see if the company can produce the products or E-mail what. Since the European basically is a language, so many countries of words are very similar to many spelling, such as product German call produkt, contact that contakt, anyway has certain association, and some don't know one click, find the information they are looking for is not necessary to something else. <