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5.2.1 所有记录必须记录清楚:如日期、品名、规格、主要内容等,栏位不可漏填,确实不需要填写时,以
  All records shall record clearly:e.g date、part name、specification、main content,no blank  space is
5.2.2 应易于阅读、易于识别与追溯其所涉及的产品。       
  Record shall be easily readable、identified and track to related products.    
5.2.3  必须有人签核。并按「文件与资料管制程序」中的规范作业。     
  Records must be signed. Respective authorize signature is listed in「Quality Record  Control Program」.
5.2.4 不可随意涂改,若需要修改时,更改人须在修改处签名,划线刪除修改处。并写上修改的内容,但原字
  Record can't be altered at will,if needed anyone who make the alteration must put his/her initial.The  original
  wording must still be clearly readable.        
5.2.5 不可用铅笔或易掉颜色的笔做记录。        
  Record can't be recorded in pencil or pen ink that fade easily.    
5.2.6 记录应按设计规定的格式进行填写,该签署的地方一定要签署。    
  Record shall be filled according to specified design  format and signed at designated space.
5.2.7 表單中"□"項目﹐為選擇性項目﹐以打"√"方式選擇。     
   "□"  on record sheet is a selective item,drawn with a tick on the respective "□" for selection.
5.3  标识、收集、归档/Identify、collect、file        
5.3.1 各部门的记录由专人负责收集,按一定的索引方法进行编号、装订、保管、归档。
  Records in every department shall be managed by authorized person in accordance with stated index  method
  (Coding、binding and filing).          
5.3.2 所有的记录文件均须存放于相应的档案中,以便于查找,同时须安全,避免损坏或丢失。 
  All record documents shall be kept in relevant files for easily retrieval. And shall be safe to avoid  damage or
5.3.3 记录文件也可以使用计算机微机软盘或其它方式来建档存储。     
  Filing of record documents can also use computer 、floppy disk or other methods for storage. 
5.3.4 文控中心保存一套最新有效的记录表单,并建立最新的「品质记录控制清单],定期地发放给相关单位
  DCC must always have a set of latest record form. They will tabulate a「Quality Record Control  List」to 
  distribute to relevant department on a periodical basis for their checking.    
5.3.5 记录需做明显标识以利查阅,存放记录的设备( 如文件夹、文件柜等)也应做相应的标识。
  Record need to have a systematic labeling and tracking including storage (suchas file、file cabinet etc).
5.4  保存/Filing             
5.4.1 传真文件(仅针对于热敏传真纸的传真文件)应复印后保存。     
  Faxed document ( for thermal paper only) shall be filed after photo copying .  
5.4.2 记录文件由各部门保存,如部门文件太多,可将其标识,集中存放于仓库,标明是何文件,何时作废。