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  PingXiang electronic Co., LTD professionally produced all kinds of inductance coil and SMD inductance and other products
  The company headquarter located in Tie Lu Keng Industrial Zone, Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, PingXiang Jinyang Electronic Co. LTD. It's a branch of Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd and built in Jan.2008, located in north antai, road 6, east High-tech Park, Pingxiang economic and technological developmental zone. The existing staff is about 500 and the main products are precise coil of hearing aids.

  The policy is the "quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, strives for perfection", using imported sophisticated production equipment, high precision testing equipment to ensure quality request, provides the high quality and low cost products to the customer; this factory has the production equipment with international advanced, and a well-trained staff and professional. In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition, the products and services that provide higher requirements to the customers are realized.

  The factory passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management systems authentication, in order to achieve the highest state of factory with operating-beyond the expectation of customers, we make enterprise continuing to improve, to sustainable management.

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The main business of products:
Class A: coil for computer disk drives, mobile hard disk coil, bobbin coil, auto ignition coil, and other kinds of induction coil, (solar induction) ISO card coil, trace tag coil, automatic coin device coil, hearing aids coil, coil of devices and other various hollow coil, electronic lock with an induction coil.
Class B: precision plastic components
C: electronic PCB assembly, all kinds of electronic parts plugins assembly
D: trade project of connecting cable connection hardware, metal parts color printing an electronic toy

  Pingxiang Jinyang electronic co.LTD is recognized by the industry. Welcome all friends to visit PingXiangShi JinYang electronic Co., LTD. Visit the guidance and business cooperation.
  PingXiang JinYang electronic Co., LTD is the branch of Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd, the company established in 2003, PingXiangShi JinYang electronic Co. LTD. Was established in January 2008.

Pingxiang first factory located in the north of antai 6 high, new technology industrial park east, Pingxiang economic development zone, Jiangxi province
The second factory: Located in Pingxiang economic development zone (entrepreneurship incubation park)
The third factory: the company expected in February 2011 in Xia stone industrial zone, PingXiang city started construction.

The company mainly produces all kinds of induction coils, hearing aid, coil ,air coil,bobbin coil ,sensor coil,tag coil,rf coil,and other copper air coil.

The work environment is clean, the summer is cool, winter is warm with air-conditioning, and factory has various entertainment facilities.oil.

The work environment is clean , the summer is cool , winter is warm with  air-conditioning, factory have various entertainment facilities