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Chengpin Technology is a foreign-funded enterprise invested by Golden Eagle Group in Pingxiang. The project took one year from the signing of the contract to the completion of the project. The total investment is 500 million yuan. It is constructed in two phases. The first phase has invested 200 million yuan and built three modern standard workshops with an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The multifunctional hollow automatic is introduced. There are more than 100 automatic winding machines, Alpha automatic winding machines, and electronic transformers for automatic winding, realizing automatic production lines that can continuously process all-weather and automatic inspection lines for subsequent product testing, which greatly increases production capacity and enriches The product category has become the most important production base, R&D base and innovation base of the group. It is estimated that after all the projects are completed, the annual output value will exceed 500 million yuan and the tax will be 20 million yuan.
Chengpin Technology has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "science and technology is the primary productive force", and attaches great importance to technological research and development and independent innovation. Over the years, the company has faced difficulties in the precision micro-inductance coil, high-frequency transformer, and sensor industries. It has established in-depth industry-university-research cooperation relationships with many authoritative scientific research institutions such as Wuhan University of Technology, successfully overcoming a number of technical difficulties and processes. The bottleneck has obtained nearly 50 technical invention patents, and has become an industry brand well-recognized by customers. The Pingxiang factory can produce precision miniature sensor coils with wire diameters ranging from 1mm to 300mm. It has invented the domestic first wet-wound technology and spot welding process. It is used in acoustic electronics, security electronics, monitoring systems, Internet of Things sensing, beauty equipment, and industrial The fields of machinery, medical equipment, wireless charging, lamps, charging piles and new energy are expanding and maintaining the core competitive advantage of the industry market!