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      With the business development needs of Golden Eagle Group, Golden Eagle Group formally purchased Chengpin Electronic Technology (Dongguan) Co. Ltd. in July 2015. Its main research & development and produce precision  LCD TV, LED TV, POWER SUPPLY, various transformers for conversion, inductance. attached power inductors, low back series inductors and other electronic products, and exported these to the world.This acquision has included: all production, testing equipment and other equipment, transformers' production lines, transformers' product quality, technology-related documents and customer resources, and also introduced the key technical personal for Cheng Pin Electronics Technology (Dongguan) Co. Ltd.

Golden Eagle Group formally established its third branch - Pingxiang City Chengpin Technology Co. Ltd in August 2015. At the beginning of its establishment, the Golden Eagle Group mainly received all transformer business from Chengpin Electronic Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd, and mainly engaged in manufacturing of precision LCD TVs, LED TV, POWER SUPPLY and other types of transformer products.

 Pingxiang City Cheng Pin Technology Co. Ltd is located in Pingyang City, Jiangxi Province . And the delivery room covers an area of ​​4,000 square meters, with eight production lines of advanced automated,  staffs are expected to more than 500 people. There, the plant clean, tidy environment, the bright and spacious of workshop, air conditioners. Living facilities: dormitory, canteen, entertainment and so on.

 Pingxiang City Cheng Pin Technology Co. Ltd has advanced magnetic core precision grinding machines, high-precision NITTOKU automatic ten axes, six axes, eight axises winding machine and more than 100 semi-automatics winding machine, single-core tape machine, semi- Tin-plating machine, lead-free titanium alloy tin machine, oven, inkjet printer, stitching machine, automatic impregnation machine, copper foil tape cutting machine, microcomputer cutting machine, magnifying glasses, microscopes, dispensers.

Transformer products applied strict quality control system to meet customer needs, Test equipments: a comprehensive test wiping machine, LCR fiber, pulse voltage coil tester, resistance tester, pressure tester, temperature curve, bar code level tester , tip thermometer, electronic scale, temperature and humidity meter, caliper, tension meter, density meter, micrometer.

 At the same time, in order to protect the transformer products to meet customer's requirements of product's life, the division will establish a reliability test room, the main reliable test equipment: drop test machine, vibration testing machine, programmable temperature and humidity testing machine, hot and cold sound testing machine, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer, the second element of the image measuring instrument, self-pressure cooker equipment, combustion testing machine.

 The company's existing customers mainly from Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the United States, the company has further expanded the global market for transformer products in 2015.