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  Promoting the development of qualified personnel is an important power of the company's independent innovation, the progress of science and technology and to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. My company is trying hard to build a quality excellent, professional strong, full of times the number talents team. The company adheres to the concept for the growth and progress of staff to create mutual trust, and the cultural atmosphere of mutual respect for career planning staff to provide more space, and enhance the development of the technical ability of the staff and management ability, and the outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to employees be recognized and rewarded, to the staff grow with the company.

Remuneration: provide competitive salary, and according to the company's operating conditions to year-end bonus, a commission, etc.

Paid vacation: enjoy the statutory holiday, wedding leaving, leaving for arranging funeral, maternity leaving, maternity leaving chaperone false.

Social insurance: buy social insurance "five risks a gold" and commercial accident.

Health care: There is free medical care once a year.

Staff care: the Mid-Autumn festival, women's day, Spring Festival, traditional holidays and staff the wedding and the birthday, companies had benefit program.

Tour: each employee regularly held the staff travel.

Recreational and sport activities: every year regularly held not employees recreational and sports activities, such as ball games, etc.

Employees: there are outstanding new employees award, the excellent employee award, outstanding award for outstanding team, the competent prize, the innovational design, long-term service award, and personal award.

Employee training: the company pay attention to employee training, using internal trainer, external lecturer, professional educational training and training abroad, etc DuoZhong training mode, in different stages of the development of the career employees to provide timely induction and in-service training, help improve management and employees to get personal career development in order to enhance the ability of type.

Career: the company will provide vast, free, and public career development platform, encourage and help the staff in the business enterprise inside to get the all-round development of self to provide staff management and professional technical dual career development channel.