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Golden Eagle Group Mission


To provide a good working environment, providing a systemic learning, training, and enhance ownership discipline to innovate, to stimulate the best job potential.
- Make all employees achieve a well-off level within 10 years.
- Team ability: to be a highly efficient, lean and responsive teamwork organization.


-To create the value of customer requirements, to meet customer requirements and expectations, to provide "A goodnight sleep" though our commitment.



            -Work together with suppliers to create sustainable value.

       Earth, social responsibility:
-GE people to be a responsible citizen, to influence others and serve the society by building and supporting sustainable development.

Management iron army

-- four styles


1. Result oriented.

Performance is a hard standard. There is no excuse.


2. The pursuit of perfection.

High standards, strict requirements, demanding perfection.


3. Act immediately.

There are no excuses, power and execution.


4. Service growth.

The service company, the service colleague, the service customer, finally is the achievement oneself.


Management iron army

-- six relations


1. Money and value.

A man who makes money is a valuable by-product, and only valuable can earn more money.The ability is greater than the income, the creation is higher than the pay return, becomes the enterprise value contributor.



2. the inferior nature and the noble sex thought.

Bad thinking: when others achieve good results, not to encourage and affirm, but to doubt the truth of the result.

Noble thinking: the pursuit of upward and good.From the inferior thinking to the aristocratic thinking.



3. Submission and resistance.

Obedience and acceptance are the best ways to overcome resistance, starting with role models, intimidating game rules, team fighting, and building platform thinking.


4. Goals and ideas.

First, unify the goal, then unify the thought, and be responsible for the goal.When we are unable to unify our employees' thoughts, we should unify our employees' goals and unify our thoughts with the goal of unity.


5. Prove the problem and solve the problem.

We should not always prove the problem, but to solve it.

The measure of a person's ability and size: the problem.



6. Know and do.

To know that there is no meaning, to be worthy.

Training teaches us that action is what we get.Don't stay in the know, give action, have result is king.



Management iron army

Ten principles


1. Create all atmosphere to do management.

The process of creating an atmosphere is the process of creating a field, which is to make a scene to change the impression of others on us, and to create an atmosphere that has nothing to do with character.


2. A group of people influence a group of people.

It is difficult for a person to influence a team. The essence of management is that a group of people influence a group of people.



3. Strategic losses, first believed and then obtained.

Strategic loss: no significant change in a person's annual income, no significant change in the sales and profits of a company for three years, and the company is losing competitiveness.


4. The ball comes to me.

When the ball comes to me, solving problems is more effective than proving it.


5. Everything has to do with me.

Everything is about me, and when one thinks it's none of my business, you're out.


6. One appearance gives others hope.

When there is hope, an officer will read it to others and speak to others.


7. Management is a serious love.

Management is a serious love, not management is hurt.Love your employees and manage them.

The management of ruthless management has love.
 Business focus: external market.


8. Management focus: internal staff.

Management for business services, business management is not easy to die, poor management will suddenly die.


9. promise

Commitment is a kind of character, and it is more important to fulfill the promise than the promise.


10. Fear

Fear the enterprise, fear the position, the law of awe, the fear of the customer, the fear of the product, the fear of the self, the fear of colleagues.