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    Since its establishment in 2003 ,Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd has continued to develop creative technology  to meet constantly changing and diversifying market needs ,our major products are precision and miniature Inductor coil ,bobbin inductor coil ,R-core indutor coil ,Antenna inductor coil ,RFID inductor coil ,Access Control Products, also we provide IPO services .we aim at the procurement policy of no use conflict mineral: “ 0 ”procurement conflict with material.

Year 2003  Establish Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd – IPO Office Duangguan
Year 2004  Establish Manufacturing Facility in Huangjiang Town , Dongguan City.(2000 SQM)
Year 2006  Move to New Manufacturing Facility in Dongguan –Qishi Town(4100 SQM)
                   Major Products: Miniature Voice Coil , Bobbin Coil , Hearing Aid Coil ,Sensor Coil
Year 2006  ISO9001:2000 certification approval
Year 2008  Expand New Manufacturing Facility in Pingxiang –Jiangxi Province .(1800 SQM)
Year 2009  Started Hard Disc Coil -inductor coil and bought high precision winding machine –JAPAN .
Year 2010  Expand to Second Manufacturing Facility in Pingxiang –Jiangxi Provice (2500 SQM)
Year 2010  Purchase Land from Local Government and built 6 storey office cum Manufacturing Facility (8000 SQM) and also will built cleaning room 5000 SQM

Year 2013   Establish Plastic injection department in DongGuan factory.
Year 2014   JinYang building had been completed
Year 2015  The first phase of the JinYang building  had been completed and  have been put into use.

Year 2015   Buy CP ,and create pingxiang chengpin technology Ltd.begin to produce transformers.
Year  2015    Create Mingyang  industrial corporation.